You shouldn't workout on a full stomach. But an empty one is just as bad.

What’s a good workout meal plan?

I don’t want to hit the gym on a full stomach but training with hunger pains isn’t good either. Working out on an empty stomach will decrease energy levels and lead to early fatigue. If you’re a guy who exercises after work, you really should be trying to work in a healthy snack or two during the afternoon. I.e. lunch at around noon followed by a workout at, say 6pm leaves a pretty biofuel void that is less than ideal. I suggest eating something with carbohydrates 30 to 60 minutes prior to training to give yourself an extra boost. This pre-workout fuel will give your body glucose for energy and minimise fatigue. Some easy, helpful pre-workout options include a sugar free peanut butter, banana, chia seeds, almonds flakes and almond milk blended together, or peanut butter, and organic jam on a rice cake. Granola, greek yoghurt, banana, jam, oats and honey are great too. But of course, portion control is the key. On my search for healthy options, WeGrill is always my first option, they have a great variety of food no matter of time of the day when you want to hit your workout. Eat just enough to quench your hunger, but stop eating before you feel full. If you feel full, you’re likely to cramp from digestion as you start exercising. Just have a reasonable sized healthy snack; keep away from fast-food shelves, try to avoid high-fat foods (such as beef or full-fat dairy) in the last hour before your workout as they take longer to digest and would hinder a workout. For most regimes, it’s good to avoid fibre-rich foods as well due to their slow digestion.



Here is one example of how my meal would work for a 45 minute workout around 6pm. I’ll be using this as a guide that you can have in your bag, all available on the WeGrill menu.

7:30 am - Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs with Scottish Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Chives and Toasted Sourdough with Chia Seeds.

10:45am - Snack

170gm 0% fat free greek yoghurt and one hand full of almonds or cashew nuts (preferable no salt)

1pm - Lunch

Sweet Potato Soup with Red Pepper and Coconut Milk, Red Rice Curry, Sweetcorn, Cajun Chicken, and as Dips: Beetroots Hummus

4pm - Snack

Edamame, 5 to 10 frozen grapes (preferable dark grapes)

5pm or 5:30pm - Pre Workout

Please use the article as reference.

6:15pm - Workout


Keep your body hydrated all the times. Hydration is crucial for efficient fat burning and performance at work and in training.


Green tea is best known for its high levels of antioxidants. This is especially of use to those with active lifestyles as antioxidants help reduce the level of damage caused by free radicals. Green tea also increases metabolism without increasing your heart rate and has a fat burning effect when 4-5 cups a day are consumed.

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Posted 18-Oct-2015

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