A week in the life of 1Rebel trainer Ida May.

"Oh my god it’s Monday!! Yes that feeling, ummm NO?! What Monday feeling? As a freelance dancer, choreographer, model, actress, fitness and yoga instructor Ida don’t know what we are talking about. Monday sometimes happens to be her Sunday. She might be shooting the next music video for this French jazz singer called Thomas Dutronc, dancing her socks off, wearing flowers in her head, dressed in white dress at the craziest wedding party of her life. Yep, that was last Sunday and the music video will be coming out soon so stay tuned. This Sunday Ida will be boarding the plane and flying to Dublin to model for Revlon, and the Sunday after that? Don’t ask. She barely knows what happens tomorrow!

Ida loves the life at the edge, always up for new challenges in her life. There’s no better feeling that pushing yourself a little bit more than you thought you could get to. Reaching for the stars and a little bit further. That’s why she loves working at 1Rebel. You can always make that treadmill go a little faster or turn the resistance up! Actually the last challenge for her was to jump on that spin bike and ride! I mean she rides everywhere in East London anyway with her bike and now embracing the static ones. And to share you a secret, 5 years ago she made her debut in Sunday Times Newspaper. She got snapped at the intersection in Oxford Circus wearing her headphones whilst on bike waiting the light to go green. Weekends newspaper had a screaming article with her picture on it: ‘Beware, iPod Zombie cyclist are on the rise’. Ida says she never wore earphones whilst cycling again. Now it’s time to blast the music and play it out loud and RIDE! No paparazzis and dangerous lorries around. Close your eyes and let go! Music means everything to her. You need to feel it. Nothing else matters.

Basically her week fills up with castings, classes, jobs, PT clients, black coffees, almond butter and awesome friends. Yesterday she was playing ‘we wish you a merry xmas’ with tambourines in a small room to eight people, moment after that she was pretending to be in the desert holding a gun and being an alien – pretty standard day off castings she says. Never a dull moment there. Today she has been casting dancers for her next fashion film project she is choreographing. Excited is the word. And doubleshot kicked some ass, she adds.

So this is Ida’s week in a nutshell. If you want to know more, go and ask. She is more than happy to tell you how she got into Swanlake at the Finnish National Opera, how it feels to dance in sand at the London Olympics, walk on the Victoria Secret Catwalk or filming and being an alien for two months with Marvel Studios. When others won’t Ida May.

And what happens next week, who knows, you tell me. Let’s see where the universe takes her. Monday the diary is empty, but in the afternoon it might have Mexico written for Tuesday."

You can RIDE, RESHAPE and DOUBLESHOT with Ida May at 1Rebel now.

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Posted 25-May-2015

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